For Wiko Sunny2 Plus Litchi Texture Horizontal Leather Case with Stand and Wallet and Card Slots (Blue)


€ 4.77

1. Simple and easy, comfortable, easy to carry.
2. The rocker stand design makes you comfortable for horizontal display.
3. Provide easy access to all functions without removing the case.
4. The reception signal is very good.

Compatible with
Wiko: Sunny2 More
Material PU Leather, TPU
Subject Texture
Style Horizontal Flip, Wallet, With Holder, With Card Slot
Specifications Dropproof, Anti-slip, Anti-scratch, Wear-resistant
User For Anyone
Size 15.7*7.5*1.5cm
Weight 62g
Packing list
Package contents 1 x Case
Packing weight
Weight of individual product 0.05kgs / 0.12lb
Quantity per box 240
Carton weight 15.90kgs / 35.05lb
Carton size 50cm * 32cm * 32cm / 19.69inch * 12.6inch * 12.6inch
Container loading 20GP: 520 cartons * 240 pieces = 124800 pieces
40HQ: 1209 cartons * 240 pieces = 290160 pieces