Dog Mat Seat protection Car choose the right cover?

Dog Mat Seat protection Car choose the right cover?


Need advice on protecting your car from dogs on your summer road trip?

We love our pets, so much so that people who have pets often see them as part of the family. For this reason, families who travel usually do so with their pets. Let's face it though… pets cause a lot of wear and tear on the interior of the car.

Whether they are short-haired, long-haired, or even hypoallergenic, dogs tend to shed everywhere. Some dogs are particularly runny and their saliva ends up on windows and seats. Large breeds can be rough on the upholstery, floors and seats. Dogs that are not used to driving in vehicles can get sick and vomit. These are all great reasons why car owners invest in products to protect their vehicle and keep it in top condition. So if you are going on an adventure soon and want to take your pet with you, make sure you are prepared.

How do you choose the right dog hair cover / mat to protect your car's backseat seats?


Animals, especially dogs and cats, can wreak havoc on vehicle seats. Cat's claws damage leather, while dog hair snags on fabric seats. Cloth seats are very dirty from oils and dirt from animal fur and get stained. A convenient way to avoid this and protect the vehicle's original upholstery is to purchase a seat cover specifically designed for pets. These seat covers are made from a durable material that protects the underlying seat.


One of the best ways to keep the car floor clean from muddy feet is to buy a good set of car floor mats. This way, when a muddy animal jumps into the car floor, it will land on the carpet rather than the carpet below. Floor mats can be easily removed and spray cleaned in case your pet has an accident; or, they can be conveniently removed and vacuumed to remove dry dirt like hair or dog treats. Not to mention, the mats protect against tears in the mat from scratches and nails. Car floor mats prepare your car for easy cleaning no matter what.

A car is a big investment that people tend to keep for years. Most people are proud of such a costly investment and therefore would like the keep in good condition as long as possible . Not to mention that the resale value of the vehicle will be much higher if it has not been damaged by the family animal. Fortunately, there are many ways to protect the car from damage caused by pets. In conclusion, when traveling with pets, it is important to invest in products that will keep a vehicle looking great for years to come.

Pro tip: Remember to bring a bag of your pet's favorite pet food, treats and a bottle of water. If your pet tends to get car sick, towels are a good addition to keep your interior clean.

How to choose :

According to the type of vehicle car SUV, 4X4 or city car or even camper van, the dimensions of the protective cover will not be the same, the best is to measure to take the dimensions of your back seat or your trunk depending on where you installed your dog or other animals, We also recommend that you choose a waterproof cover that is non-slip, because in rainy weather if you bring your dog in your car this will avoid wetting the seats below and first of all drying your back seat your trunk.

car dog mat

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For trunk protectors we recommend covers with flaps to protect your bumper and interior plastics from scratches.

Color is also important to match your vehicle as well as possible, we still recommend that you do not choose a color that is too light, with a thin fabric to prevent dog hair from becoming encrusted.

We also recommend a protection for your vehicle which can be easily cleaned either in the washing machine or with a damp cloth.

... And last point that the protection can be installed and removed easily, quickly from your car!

In short, here are the important points for choosing your trunk or rear bench protection:

  • Dimensions
  • waterproof
  • non-skid
  • Protective flap
  • Color
  • easy Installation
  • Cleaning

We offer below a small range of protection and cover:

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