How to clean your Smartphone and your PC to protect yourself from the risk of infection?

How to clean your Smartphone and your PC to protect yourself from the risk of infection?

It is true that since the start of the spread of the coronavirus, we have adopted an attitude of caution and simplicity. For example, we have made a habit of washing our hands every hour of the day, we move away from certain physical approaches, etc. However, it is also important to clean smartphones well as well as tablets, laptops or other devices.

Here are some cleaning tips that are easy to implement without risking damage and protecting yourself against the risk of contamination.

A little water and soap?

For Smartphones:

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While it seems normal that you wash your hands regularly to protect yourself from the risk of coronavirus contamination, it is important to regularly clean your smartphones as well as all computer devices in general.

For this reason, one of the easiest methods to clean a Smartphone is to use a cloth with soapy water. To do this, dip a soft cloth in this water and then gently clean the front of your Smartphone. Of course, you should not use sponges or very rigid cloths: The principle is very simple, since a damp cloth is sufficient. Then a second dry cloth will wipe everything off.

Here are the APPLE manufacturer's recommendations for cleaning.

Pay attention

When cleaning your smartphone, make sure you take care of the entire device, not just the screen. Always remove the protective cover first and clean it carefully. Then you completely clean the phone, the front side, the back side as well as the edges. It is also advisable to use a little soap or an alcohol-based product (less than or equal to 70%, in the form of rags), without using household cleaning products. Also, be careful not to spill any liquid into any openings on the phone, such as the audio outlet, or the charging connector, as well as the outline of each button. If your Smartphone is waterproof, avoid running it over the tap while cleaning.

For computers

On the computer side, cleaning the screen, mouse, and keyboard is probably worth it. In any case, it must be taken into account that all these devices are cleaned when they are switched off. If you have a touch screen, it is advisable to use specific products to avoid damaging it.

Pay attention

Avoid wetting the cloth too much to prevent liquids from entering the keyboard, as well as rubbing the screens too hard, as this could damage or scratch them, remember to use detergents or any other chemicals for this purpose.

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